The virtual Pied Piper

The Piper comes live via video conference to you. Whether it's Grandmother's birthday, a surprise for the children or a company presentation - The Piper is bookable worldwide. 

Normally, the Piper charms tourists to see Hameln on the Weser River. During this period of travel reduction, it is the other way around. The Piper dons his boots as usual but meets you in chat for a live show with interaction. Utilizing channels like Skype/Zoom/Teams he magically appears wherever you are, so long as the internet connection stands. 

The musical delivery service with the personal care of the Piper is available in English and German. Book in advance. 

Price: 29, - €       Duration: ca. 10 Minutes

This introductory offer runs during the restrictions. The Piper will be glad to greet you live in Hameln at the first opportunity! 


More information and dates:
Michael Boyer, the "Rattenfänger von Hameln"
Deisterallee 1, 31785 Hameln, Telefon: 05151/957822