Hamelin's very special style

Weser-Renaissance is a North-German variation on a serious Italian architectural theme. That is one description of the buildings that were erected toward the end of the 16th Century in Hameln. Others just say, "Wow!"

Typical for this construction is an accentuation of the horizontal. Many fine details are to be seen. Easy to recognise is the Oriel Bay Window, the two-storey "Utluchten".

Although many of half-timbered houses are also in this style, it is the sandstone facades that are generally perceived under the term. Examples are Hochzeitshaus, Dempterhaus, Leisthaus, Stiftsherrenhaus and Rattenfängerhaus.

Upon a guided tour through Hamelin, you will be aquainted with the myriad terms describing these edifices: Pyramids, Obilisks, Alcoves, Scrolls, the list goes on and on. But like a picture is worth a thousand words, seeing is believing.