Right in the center of great sights

Hamelin is in the heart of the Weser Mountains Region. There are a number of attractions that can be easily reached on a short trip. Here is a selection, find out more at the Tourist Information.

Rastiland water fun

Rafting Adventure, Robinson's Island, Rollercoasters, Historical Market and much more at Rastiland near Salzhemmendorf. 

Kids Dinoworld is open all year around. In a hall as big as a soccer field, you will find Climbing, Slides and Germany's only indoor Sluice Ride. 

Animals and Nature

A Moose in the Wisentgehege Springe

Howling wolves and Birds of Prey. In the Wisentgehege Springe you could see up to 100 species of wild animals. who live on acres of field and forest. See Elk and Bison in the outdoor enclosure. 


Archeologists large and small will not get enough of the Dinopark  in Muenchehagen. See 1:1 Dinosaur figures and the world-famous original fossilized footprints. Watch experts conserve fossils or look for some yourself. 


Schillathöhle: "Fairyland"

The northernmost cave in Germany is in neighboring Hessisch Oldendorf. Walk through the cool dampness in summer or winter. A 3D-Show presents the areas that are kept under conservation at the Schillathöhle.


See the Yukon, Sambesi, or Gorilla Mountain right in the middle of the provincial capitol. The Hannover Zoo has animals from all over the world in themed sections.


Want to get technical?

Old, but not ancient, horsepower

Travel through 200 years of farming history at the Museum for Landarbeit und Landtechnik in nearby Boerry. See Tractors and Machines, or visit the Smith's and Shoemakers Workshops. 


Once you start a collection, it is impossible to stop. Well demonstrated at the PS.Speicher in Einbeck. Once a storage for grain, now it stores horsepower. See an interactive display of more than 350 ways to move on wheels that have been in use for the last 130 years. 


Industrial Culture

A look into the hard work underground

The Seven Dwarfs would have been quite at home in our mines: At the Hüttenstollen Osterwald, miners worked a very difficult deposit of coal to the surface. On a much larger scale, Besucherbergwerk Kleinenbremen demonstrates how large fields of iron were taken from the mountain with large machines to the rhythem of the jackhammer. 

Carl Benscheid Walter Gropius started the construction of the Fagus-Werk in 1911. The architecture full of light and air in the Bauhaus Style is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Guided Tours through the combination of Shoemaking and Fashion, Wood Industry and Design will keep peace in the family. 


Gardens, Cloister and Palaces

Ohrbergpark: Dove Tree and Azalea...

Relax on a walk through the Ohrbergpark near the gates of Hamelin. The Von Hake Family created a park in English Style a century ago. See Azaleas and Rhododendrons bloom in May or the foliage change in the Fall. 

Gardening is art at the Bad Pyrmont Park. The spa town boasts Palm Trees, Art, and the Award of the province's best Garden-Park.