The Daily Pied Piper

Not a day passes without tourists gathering at the Hochzeitshaus to stare up in the air. Then here is where the tragic story of Hameln is played out every day in miniature - a mechanical ballet.

The Pied Piper Chimes and Figures is a highlight of any Hamelin visit. Every single day at 1:05, 3:35 and 5:35pm the bronze doors open and the Piper circles with rats and children. You will hear the music of Juergen Langehein (1923-1992). The figures were designed by Prof. Harro Siegel (1900-1985) and formed out of wood by master craftsman Walter Volland (1898-1980). The Glockenspiel was installed in 1964 because of the loss of an earlier version in WWII. 

At 9:35am the bells play the Weser River Song
At 11:35am you can hear the Pied Piper Song.
Amateur Video