They make it happen

A fine production entails engaging actors, who let the characters live through their art. Moreover when they become a team or a family with heart and soul for their presentation. Such are the RATS Musical Ensamble:

We present you the faces behind the roles. Yes, even the Piper and the Mayor have a life apart from broken promises, magical music and lost children... 

The Rat King

Bohdan-Artur Swiderski

Studied Acting and Opera in Polen and Hannover. Engaged in Demold and Hannover, he has also had a number of TV and Film appearances. 

The Pied Piper

Valentino Karl

Studied at the Hamburg School of Entertainment and engaged in musicals in Hamburg or on the AIDAVita

Covered by: Bastian Kohn

The Mayor

Tilman Birschel

His professional career began in the Zurich Opera. Guest appearances in the German-Speaking world. Musical evenings and church concerts have led him to various European countries. Artistic director of the Opera on the Leine since 1993. 


The Councillor

Claus Lindner

„Left Aachen to see the world and found Hamelin" Working in Photography, the Mails and Radio, but always with singing dance and acting. 

The Councillor

Heiko Fuhrmann

Beginning with Jazz-Dance, Hip-Hop and Tap, Fuhrmann found his way to acting with RATS and can be seen in other roles live and in film. 

The Lame Child

Kim Berger

Having finished the Stage School Hamburg, she was soon seen in the "Frozen" Musial or as Wendy in "Peter Pan"

Cover: Tamara Bauer

Director of Production - Anke Rettkowski

Chief of the Musical Academy in Hameln for 25 years, she has trained in Munich, London, Los Angeles und New York. Her productions in Hameln and in the region are quite successful 

And a Cast of thousands...

Denizens, Rats and Children

Miriam Albrecht, Kosovare Aljabaki, Jennifer Hanke, Luisa Heinemann, Felix Nolte, Sarah, Hannah und Martina Schneider, Nicola Willeke, Ulrike Wittmann, Marieke Büthe, Talina Grützki, Leonie Spatz, Luzie Kraske, Vivien Niebling