The "Dark Piper" tells his tale (in German)

Who is this shady charchter, who is suddenly standing next to you? What sort of secrets does he have? Could this be the Pied Piper, or just a madman? Would you follow him through the medival streets of Hamelin?

It is a guided tour presented in German as one-man-theatre amid the old houses in the city center. The Piper tells his tale in five episodes, taking you back to the 13th Century so full of plagues, crusades, treks and rats. Serious here, humorfull there, he acts out the various themes of the Pied Piper legend. in original German language.

Length: 75 Minutes

Meeting Point: Rattenfängerhaus

Price: 170 Euros for the group (maximum 20 participants in German)  Online-Booking