Hämelschenburg Castle by Hamelin

Discover the Weser Mountains Region with a Travel Guide in your coach. Each tour is individually planned to your liking. Ride through the region and hear the entertaining stories of the countryside.

Ask us about:

"White Gold" and Castles

"Duodez" and The Porta Westfalica

"Germany's Statue of Lipperty"

"Romantic Castle Life"

"The River and the mystical Woods"

"Palm Trees and a view"


Important information about the tour:

  • All tours are individually planned. We can also make reservations for food or coffee, at your request.
  • An entire day costs 190 Euro, half-day 100 Euro. Entrance fees in addition.
  • There are quite a few surprises on the way, we wish you a great adventure with our guide!

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