Pied Piper Day - the 26th of June

The 26th of June was a traumatic day for Hamelin. They never forgot the loss of the children. Today the Pied Piper Day is celebrated with a rotating series of events.

This year, Pied Piper Day falls on a Monday. That gives the Hameln Museum a good excuse to be open to the public. You may meet the Piper on the Red Sofa between 11am and 6pm. He will be talking with guests and visitors. Avaliable for Selfies and guiding through the Piper display in the Museum. Buy chances for the Red Sofa, it will be raffled off at the end of the day to support the youth work in the Museum.

The Weekend begins on Friday with the Long Pied Piper Film Night sponsored by the British-German-Club Hameln e.V.  Films in English and German about the Piper will be shown the entire evening at the Rattenkrug. 

Saturday the Piper has a golf outing with children from the town of Hessisch Oldendorf with his old friend the Baxmann. At 3pm the display of Piper Printed Artistry opens at the Tourist Information office, a collection by Hans Witte of Edition Einstein.

More Tips: The Pied Piper Open-Air Play will run on Sunday. Other items in Theme this weekend are the Guided Tours with the Piper and the Glockenspiel. The Display "Legendary world of the Brothers Grimm" may be seen in the Museum.
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