Pied Piper Day - the 26th of June

The 26th of June was a traumatic day for Hamelin. They never forgot the loss of the children. Today the Pied Piper Day is celebrated with a rotating series of events.

The Piper will re-enact the walk with the children this year. A walking tour through the town in German with stops at all the locations in the tale. Richard the Rat is along to tell his side of the story. 
No one gets lost this time, everybody from the tour ends at the Museum. Start 2pm from the Hochzeitshausterasse, one hour duration. Children at no charge, adults free in the accompaniment of their children. 

More Tips: The Pied Piper Open-Air Play will run on Sunday. Other items in theme this weekend are the Guided Tours with the Piper and the Glockenspiel

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Flyer in German available here to download