Unforgettable Experience

Jovial and colourful he strides the streets, but his aims are mysterious and the story has no happy end.
It is said that the Saga is the most well-known in the world and charms the young and old. You can take up the path of the Piper in Hamelin - he will lead you personally! Smile, Shiver and be Stupified! Surrounded by alluring music, follow the Piper to the ancient scenes of the crime. Travel through time on a roller-coaster of emotions. 
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If you are in a larger group, then we suggest an additional guided tour in parallel. Halfway through, the groups trade off on guides.

Length: 60 Minutes
Meeting Point: Tourist Information
Price: 180 Euro
Groups: maximal 30 Participants

Individuals, Families or small groups can join the Piper (in German) from April to October without reservation. Book a ticket for these daily German tours here.