Little Rats and big Hits

Over 35,000 guests watched it last year, a long-running success story brought to stage through Stadtwerke Hameln and the Sparkasse Hameln-Weserbergland along with many other citizens and companies.

The 45-minute Musical is based upon Nigel Hess’ „RATS“ – new presentation of the Robert Browning poem in the garb of modern music. The charismatic "Rat-King" leads a pack of bad mannered rats in Hamelin. Facinated by the Piper's charm, they all land in the river, with the execption of the Rat-King who is washed ashore at the last minute. Of course the evil mayor refuses to pay with all sorts of excuses and causes the Piper to lead the youth away. 

Not only does the RATS-Musical tell the tale of the Pied Piper, it offers the audience a wide repertoire of music from Waltz and Marches to Ballads and Rap. The only musical that may be viewed free of charge in Germany lives from the diversity of catchy tunes. The entire show is available on CD at the souvenir stand or at the Tourist-Information office. 

The 2019 season begins on the 29th of May and ends on the 4th of September, shows begin at 4:30pm.