Where fire and sand become art

It's there daily in our lives: glass. Have you wondered how it is created? You may discover more at the Hamelin Glassworks...

Find out how sand turns to glass, how hot the oven must be and how much talent is needed to form the material to objects of use or art. Learning by doing? Yes, you may also use the Glassblower's pipe.

In addition to the daily presentations (30 Minutens, in German English or Japanese) visitors may take the special tour of the Glassworks. There are offers for children, as well. 

Glass Art Gallery in the Pulverturm

Hamelin's Glassworks are in a medieval guard tower, once part of the city wall of Hamelin. The Glass Art Gallery shows unique works of art in Glass. Something very special for you or someone you know might be found. 

Hamelin Glassworks
The glass is red-hot as ist is formed with applied strength and a sure instinct.