A sparkling world of Snow and Ice

Follow us on a tour of magic and mystery that will not be forgotten. Come along through the old town to reminisce, surrounded by the fragrances of baking and mulled wine. 

We'll take you on a walk through the lovely heart of Hameln. The ancient Cloister of the St. Bonifatius Minster invites you to a moment of reflection. Your guide knows the storys captured within these walls. 

Before you stroll the Christmas Market, visit the Hameln Museum full of city history and the Pied Piper. Take in the magic of the mechanical Piper Theatre. You wish to see art being made? Then perhaps you'd like to sit near the oven at the Glassblowers an watch the master craftsmen at their trade. A last look back upon the day may be taken over a relaxing coffee with the group. 


                                                                                        More information about the christmas market

  • Guided Tour of one hour
  • Giuded Visit to the Muenster St. Bonifatius (30 Minutes)
  • Entrance fee Museum Hameln or Entrance and show at the Glassblowers
  • Coffee Break
  • Exclusive for our booked groups: 10 Procent rebate on Souvenirs in our Shop-Boutique
Dates Can be booked daily from the 29th of November to the 23rd of December 2019
Price 2 and more: 19 Euro pro Person
over 21 participants: 16 Euro pro Person
Length Circa 3.5 hours
Additions Book an adventine riverboat ride in addition.