Unforgettable Experience

Jovial and colourful he passes through the streets, but his aims are mysterious and the story has no happy end. It is said that the Saga is the most well-known in the world and charms the young and old. You can take up the path of the Piper in Hamelin - he will lead you personally!

Smile, Shiver and be Stupified! Surrounded by alluring music, follow the Piper to the ancient scenes of the crime. Travel through time on a roller-coaster of emotions. 

Length: 60 Minutes

Price: 12 Euros per Person, children under 12 pay 6 Euros

Dates for this tour done in the German Language:
April to October
: Fridays and Saturdays a 5:30pm from the Tourist Information Office
                                Sundays at 12:45pm from Kurie Jerusalem 

For an English-Speaking Pied Piper Tour of one to thirty participants, see here.

Want to take a peek? Get some first impressions with our Video of the Piper's Tour. 

References? Only the evil Mayor was unhappy:


[...] although a storm was moving in and it rained occasionally, the Piper spread good cheer and made the tour a special experience with his acting talent, you did not promise too much. [...] We hope that the mayor pays the Piper regularly these days, that he long remains to cheer the tourists. Cornelia & Andreas Barth


[...] The group was unaware of the guided tour and were enthusiastic. I have never had History presented with such ease and so absorbing in my 50 years of experience. The laughs and the joy in the faces of the participants spoke for itself. Jörn Fischer


[...] We were enchanted with Michael Boyer. We spent an amusing hour with him in your magical town. Gudrun und Werner Baade