Nothing but Legends, Lies and Lore.

In and around Hamelin, the countryside is steeped in Legends. The Piper has been facinating anyone who hears the story for over 700 years. Baron Muenchhausen's tall tales from the nearby town of Bodenwerder have inspired for centuries.

Meet the most well-known legend live, the Pied Piper. Hear his dulcet tones that have charmed more than just rats and children. Be led off on a tour of the Old Town. Your travels continue by ship first to Bodenwerder, then as far as the moon in the reminiscences and fantasies of the "Lying Baron" that are documented in the Muenchhausen Museum.

Another highlight is the tour of the Hameln Museum with focus on all the facets of the Pied Piper. See the mechanical Piper Theatre room upon your visit. Dinner is a Hamelin speciality: Rat-Tail Flambé and the Rat-Killer chaser.

From Mid-May to Mid-September, you may catch the Pied Piper in the act, at the Open-Air Play on Sundays.

  • 2 Hotel overnight stays including breakfast
  • 1 Dinner: Hamelin Speciality
  • Pied Piper Guided tour through Hamelin (60 mins.)
  • Riverboat ride Hamelin-Bodenwerder-Hamelin (or coach if required)
  • Entrance fee Muenchhausen-Museum
  • Entrance fee and guided tour through the Museum Hamelin
  • 10% Rabatt on Souvenirs especially for our booked groups
  • Insurance Certificate
Dates Program start possible on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday between the 28th of April and the 6th of October 2017
Prices 2 and more participants
A Category 185 Euros per Person
B Category 196 Euros per Person
C Category 214 Euros per Person
over 21 participants
A Category 172 Euros per Person
B Category 179 Euros per Person
C Category 202 Euros per Person
(Single Room Supplement on request).
Length 3 Days
In Hamelin, you see the Piper at close quarters...